Student Ministry


REAL LIFE is Celebration Baptist Church’s student ministry, focusing on 7th-grade through 12th-grade students. The goal is to assist them in establishing and maintaining a personal relationship with God. Each week, students learn how to practically apply truths found in God’s Word. Currently, students are learning about priorities using the acronym JOY.



Jesus: The primary focus is Jesus for the “J” week.  During this week, the lessons and activities will focus on Bible study and principles.

Others: For the “O” week, serving others is the goal.  The concept of serving others is generally realized through service projects such as raking leaves, washing cars, community beautification projects and helping out around the church building.

Yourself: Last on the priority list is “Y”or You. During “Y” week, the activities are less serious and focus more on fun. However, the opportunity for learning is still real.