What to Expect


what to expect copyWho attends Celebration Baptist Church?

EVERYONE is welcome at Celebration. People from Haskell, Traskwood, Benton, Alexander, Bryant, Glen Rose and other places throughout Saline County and Hot Springs County attend Celebration Baptist Church. Many are young, while others are not so young. Some are married, while others are not yet married. Some are financially challenged, while others are financially comfortable. Some are young in the faith, while others are established in the faith. In other words, Celebration Baptist Church is just like you.


What about my baby(s) or toddler(s)?

A secure nursery is provided as a convenient benefit for the guardians/parents of infants and toddlers. A part of Celebration Baptist’s kid’s ministry, the nursery is staffed by experienced volunteers that will lovingly care for your children in a safe, warm and engaging atmosphere.

A paging system is utilized to maintain constant contact with guardian/parents as they participate in other activities.


What about my elementary-aged child(ren)?

Celebration Kids is the Children’s Ministry of Celebration Baptist Church. The mission of Celebration Kids is the presentation of God’s truth to children in a relevant way through music, Bible Study and object lessons that guide them into a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.


What should I wear?

We want people to feel comfortable at Celebration Baptist Church. No dress codes are enforced. Most participants wear casual attire. Once in a while, you might see a dress shirt and tie.


What’s the worship like?

Music is a major part of our worship. The music is typically a contemporary blend. We sing many modern worship songs, but mix-in a traditional hymn every now and then.

Worship is centered on a relevant teaching that the Pastor (or other speaker) has been inspired to deliver. Each Sunday will feature a message (sermon) that will challenge you to think, learn and mature in your walk as a Christian.


Will I be asked for money?

We believe tithing is an act of worship. We also believe that tithing is the responsibility of Celebration Baptist Church members, not guests. As a guest, you will not be expected to give any money.